An excellent, practical, hands-on course in river safety and water rescues.  This three-day course carries the widely recognized SRT-1 certification from Rescue3 International.  Designed for rescue professionals and river users including professional guides, fire department personnel, search and rescue teams, and dive teams. Topics addressed include rope work, mechanical advantage systems, boat-to-boat and swimming rescues, personal safety and rescue, and interagency protocols and procedures. In addition to classes scheduled throughout the summer, we offer custom classes for groups of 8 or more.  


  • three days of instruction and hands-on practice
  • SRT-1 certification by Rescue3 International
  • custom dates available
  • NFPA compliant


Cascade Raft River Center

What to Bring

It is ideal to practice with your usual and familiar equipment, so bring all the gear you normally carry with you when you are on the river. For activities that require specialized equipment such as setting up anchors and mechanical advantage systems, we'll provide the necessary components.  During this class, we will spend a fair amount of time in the river practicing skills and completing scenarios, so be prepared with warm gear.  We have wetsuits and booties that you are welcome to borrow, but for early or late season classes, drysuits are more comfortable.  Drysuits are available for rent from Alpenglow Mountain Sports (208-331-2628) or Idaho River Sports (208-336-4844).